Plastic Tower Packing Pall Ring

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Plastic Tower Packing Pall Ring

Plastic Tower Packing – Pall Ring Manufacturer & Exporter of Plastic Tower Packing & Polypropylene Tower Packing Pall Rings. Our product range also comprises of Metal Tower Packing and Perforated Sheets.

Cooling Tower Pall Ring


Cooling Tower Pall Ring

Being a well established-organization, we are engaged in providing a distinguished range of Cooling Tower Pall Ring that offers excellent resistance to high temperature. Our skilled professionals manufacture this ring using high grade raw material and advanced technology in tune with industry defined standards. Further, we offer this ring with various specifications according to requirement of our clients at reasonable prices.


  • Chemical resistance
  • Temperature stability
  • Excellent durability


  • We offer Plastic Pall Rings are used in cooling towers and find their application in various fields. The plastic used for manufacturing these rings are chosen on the basis of chemical resistance, temperature stability and mechanical strength.
  • Polypropylene offers excellent resistance to chemicals at high temperatures, exceeding even 100o C, and is superior to polyethylene in almost all aspects.
  • Various sizes are available with us.

Enviro Tech Data Of Plastic Pall Ring:

Specific area
Void volume (m3/m3) Bulk number
Package density
F factor
ETIP 16 16×16×1 188 0.91 112000 141 275
ETIP 25 25×25×1.2 175 0.90 53500 82 239
ETIP38 38×38×1.4 115 0.89 15800 54 220
ETIP 50 50×50×1.5 93 0.90 6500 56 127
ETIP 76 76×76×2.6 73.2 0.92 1927 58 94
ETIP 100 100×100×3.0 52.8 0.94 1000 50 82

Application of Plastic Pall Ring:

  • Absorption, scrubbing, and stripping services. Versatile alternative to metal Pall rings.
  • A variety of different sizes of products provide the ability to optimize capacity and efficiency based on different application requirements, and the application temperature in media ranges from 60 to 150 .

Other Information

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Metal Pall Ring


Metal Pall Ring
is one of the most common and well-known packing, Metal Pall Ring is an industry standard design media developed from the Raschig Ring and is used widely in all variety of applications. By minimizing the number of contours and crevices that can cause liquid hold-up and potential entrainment, the Metal pall ring geometry enables high gas and liquid transfer rates. The opened cylinder walls and inward bent protrusions of the Metal pall Ring allow greater capacity and lower pressure drop than standard cylindrical rings. This open ring design also maintains an even distribution and resists wall-channeling tendencies. The interior and exterior contacting surfaces of the Metal pall ring provide for an effective distribution of liquids and gases and resist plugging, fouling and nesting. Pall rings are available in a wide range of materials.

Available in MOC :

  • SS 304
  • SS 316
  • SS 316 L

Metal Pall Ring Features:

  • Capacity vs Pressure Drop of Metal Pall Ring Packing, High loading & throughput / low pressure drop, Good liquid / gas distribution and high mass transfer efficiency.
  • Versatility, Easily wet table, High resistance to fouling, High Temperature.
  • Mechanical Strength of Metal Pall Ring Packing, High temperature applications, Mechanically robust, lesser probability of breakage, suitable for deeper beds.

Metal Pall Ring Application:

Metal Pall Ring Packing is widely used in All kinds of separation, absorb plants, constant decompress plants, compounding ammonia plant, decarbonization, Distillation, Stripping, Heat Recovery, Extraction, Various separation and absorption applications at atmospheric pressure and under vacuum, where a low pressure drop is critical,H2S, NH3 & SO2 Absorption & Stripping, Steam Stripping, Quench towers, Direct contact cooling.

Other Information

  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)